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The best homes start with the best lots, and we have them or will get them. The quality of life you enjoy is determined not only by the home you live in, but by where that home is located. And when it comes time to sell your home, location is often the most important factor in resale price.

You've probably closed your eyes and pictured your dream home many times. You may see an open floor plan, a dramatic entry, or a luxurious gourmet kitchen. But what do you "see" in your mind's eye when you look out the back door of your new home? Do you see a lush, wooded back yard? A glistening pond view? Now imagine the view from your front door. Are you on a cozy cul de sac? Are you watching the sun set in the west from your front porch? Choosing a home site for your new home is an important decision, but we've made it easy on you by offering some of the best lots in the most sought-after communities.


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